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Police Officer Trainee

Scottsdale, Arizona



Scottsdale Police Department

8401 E. Indian School Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 480-312-1933  




Salary: $46,342.40 - $67,184.00 


Application Deadline: NA




All qualified applications submitted to Human Resources will be invited to test.



For testing dates refer to our website at:




For future test dates and information contact:


Recruitment Officer Greg Carlin





  • Candidates must be at least 20 years and 8 months of age at the time of application submission and be a United States Citizen.

  • Must possess a valid standard Arizona State driver's license at time of hire and have no major driving citations in the past 39 months.

  • Must be able to become Arizona POST certified and work a variety of scheduled shifts.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are critical.

  • Must have the ability to communicate to individuals and groups to help solve community problems.

  • The ability to prepare well-written reports, citations, affidavits and warrants is required.

  • Strong interpersonal skills are vital.

  • Applicants must have the ability to deal effectively with the public in routine and emergency situations.

  • Must have the ability to exercise sound, independent judgment, problem solve, and act decisively in emergencies involving an element of personal danger.

  • Must have the ability to project a command presence and assume a leadership role in handling various incidents.

  • Regular and consistent attendance and punctuality are essential.



  • Performs law enforcement patrol activities, while observing and monitoring the public to determine compliance/noncompliance with laws and safety standards.

  • In emergency situations, must be able to rapidly identify, analyze, and decisively act, regardless of imminent danger to yourself or others. Coordinates visual and muscular dexterity to safely operate a motor vehicle in an emergency and non-emergency situations: varying weather and times of day; reads maps, talking on the radio, operating a MDT and/or computer terminal.

  • Effectively interpret body language.

  • Must be able to read, write and comprehend the English language. Communicates effectively through various media including but not limited to: in person, by radio, phone, a MDT and/or computer, written reports.

  • Written communication must be detailed and accurate, using proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation for the English language. Communicates effectively in various environments including, but not limited to: courtroom testimony, interviewing and interrogations, mediation of disputes, public presentations.

  • May perform law enforcement functions in confined spaces; a variety of outdoor temperatures from extreme heat to cold; and varying light conditions.

  • Pursues offenders by patrol vehicle and on foot over various types of terrain to stop or apprehend offenders; subdue resisting offenders using only necessary force to resolve the situation, including deadly force; physically move persons, vehicles, and other items of various sizes, shapes, and weight; issues citations and makes arrests; search persons, places and things; seize and impound property and evidence; apprehend and transport arrested persons, transport various types of property/evidence; perform crowd and riot control activities.

  • Accurately conduct and record law enforcement investigations including: protecting crime and traffic accident scenes; observing, gathering, recording, processing and preserving evidence; work in situations involving body fluids, hazardous materials, firearms, and various types of evidence; measuring and diagramming crime and traffic accident scenes; completing necessary calculations pertaining to various types of investigations, preparing detailed written reports of investigative findings.

  • Use, maintain, and demonstrate proficiency with a variety of law enforcement tools including, but not limited to: lethal, less-lethal, and non-lethal weapons; handcuffs; various communication devices; vehicle emergency operation equipment.

  • Perform public assistance activities including: responding to citizen requests for assistance; responding to fires, accidents and crime scenes; administering first aid to sick and injured citizens for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries; assisting distressed motorists and crime scene individuals.




Applicants meeting the minimum requirements may be invited to a written and physical agility test.  Top qualifying candidates may be selected to participate in a panel interview with final candidates subject to an extensive background check, polygraph examination, psychological evaluation and pre-employment physical.  Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a pre-employment alcohol/drug test, psychological evaluation and pre-employment physical.  Human Resources reserves the right to change this process.




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