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Chief of Police/District Director of College Safety & Police

Riverside, California



Riverside Community College District

Human Resources

3845 Market Street

Riverside, CA 95201

Website: and



Salary: $107,246 - $111,602


Application Deadline: 4/18/08









Under the general supervision of the Vice Chancellor of Student Services & Operations, the Chief of police is a peace officer who has overall district-wide management responsibility for College Safety and Police. In order to maintain a safe and attractive environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, the Chief operates in coordination with the highest levels of management at the District, college and campus levels; sets the direction of the department through the establishment of goals and initiatives, the coordination of departmental activities, and the effective utilization of resources; and takes a strong leadership role in the development of policies which affect public safety across the District. The Chief must strategically direct resources into the effective delivery of public safety services while managing within budget parameters.





The Chief directly supervises police sergeants, the parking services manager and clerical support staff. The Chief provides indirect or situational supervision to senior officers, police officers, dispatchers, and CSOs. 





Education and/or experience equivalent to a bachelor's degree. Education equivalent to the completion of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is desirable, and an advanced degree is preferred.





This position requires a minimum of ten years of increasingly responsible law enforcement experience in all major phases of police work, including three years of administrative and supervisory experience at a level comparable to a police lieutenant or six years as a police sergeant. Experience working in a college or university environment, and with culturally diverse populations is preferred.





In addition to strong leadership and management skills, this position requires extensive knowledge of management methods, philosophies, and specific law enforcement practices and legal issues. The position also requires a thorough knowledge of complex financial and budgeting issues. The Chief of Police must understand the unique culture of a sophisticated, academic environment and at the same time be able to communicate the needs and attitudes of faculty, staff and students to traditional law enforcement personnel. Additionally, the Chief must be able to promote development and effectively manage a multicultural workforce and adjust to changing management styles within the campus leadership.



Additional requirements include:

  • Knowledge and understanding of current police practices, protocols and procedures.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the workings of the California criminal justice system.

  • Knowledge and understanding of local, state and federal laws applicable to the police function generally, and to the Riverside Community College District police function specifically.

  • Knowledge and successful experience with labor issues and personnel management in a collective bargaining environment.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles, procedures and legal constraints for conducting background and internal investigations.

  • Knowledge and understanding of basic computer skills and software, such as Microsoft Office (including MSWord, Excel, Internet Explorer and Outlook).






The Chief will continually demand and demonstrate (model) impeccable ethics, integrity and discretion. S/he will possess and demonstrate excellent people skills, strong collaborative problem solving abilities; an engaged and participatory orientation/approach to supervision and management, including mentoring, coaching, developing others; a (workplace appropriate) sense of humor; and an interest and willingness to be involved and engaged in community oriented policing.



Specifically, the Chief will:

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to practice/model proper and impeccable professional ethics, and to demand/encourage/nurture proper professional ethics from all co-workers (regardless of rank or position).

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to effectively supervise, manage, lead, train, develop and evaluate employees.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to apply positive and negative reinforcement, and to praise and reward employees.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to take command in emergency situations.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to properly delegate tasks and require accountability.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly, in writing (e-mail, correspondence and reports); in person; and on the telephone. This would include communicating with difficult or angry people; with department, District and professional co-workers and colleagues; with the public; and in delivering professional presentations (formal and informal, planned and impromptu). This would also include composing accurate, detailed, concise reports, memos and correspondence using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to speak before varied audiences.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to serve and work well with citizens, peers, co-workers, colleagues, supervisors, District executives and elected officials.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to work well with personnel of allied agencies, from the rank-and-file through the command staff.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to accept instructions and direction from supervisor in a positive manner.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to "think outside the box" (i.e., engage in creative, non-traditional problem-solving).

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to connect with and inspire others.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to utilize workplace appropriate humor to enhance the organizational climate.

  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to convey and apply the principles of values-centered leadership.

  • Possess and apply the ability to work independently, under general direction, in an organized, self-starting/self-initiating manner.

  • Possess and apply the ability to maintain a positive, upbeat, engaged and accessible workplace demeanor.

  • Possess and apply the ability to meet deadlines and complete tasks in a timely manner.

  • Possess and apply the ability to maintain a professional demeanor in all situations.

  • Posses and apply the ability to conduct productive meetings, interviews and interrogations.




The RCCD Chief of police is a sworn peace officer of the State of California. California Penal Code 832.4(c) states: "Each police Chief, or any other person in charge of a local law enforcement agency, appointed on or after January 1, 1999, as a condition of continued employment, shall obtain the basic certificate issued by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training within two years of appointment."


Possession of California POST (or equivalent) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisory Certifications is required at the time of appointment. Possession of a California POST (or equivalent) Management Certificate is preferred at the time of appointment.


Valid California Driver's License is required at the time of appointment. 





Must have evidence of sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of community college students (E.C. 87360a).





Co-workers/colleagues across the department and the District; staff, faculty and students; fellow law enforcement and public safety professionals; the general public; elected/public officials; local, regional, state and federal agencies; and other community college districts.





While the Chief of police is not a first-responder, it is possible that s/he may periodically be called upon to assist in/supervise/monitor field activities (e.g., major crime scenes, dignitary protection details, special event deployments, demonstrations/protests, etc.). Normally, s/he can expect to experience extended periods of time sitting and sitting at a keyboard, walking, standing, driving, and climbing stairs.


Must pass a physical and psychological examination and be free of any physical disabilities which would restrict performance as a police Chief at time of appointment.


Must pass a background investigation.





This position will require being on-call 24/7, ability to respond at all hours, and will require flexibility in schedule to include periodic meetings and maintenance of non-traditional/routine office hours (i.e., outside of 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday).


The duties of this position are primarily conducted in a normal office environment. However, circumstances may require or result in spending extended time outdoors, potentially in extreme heat or cold, and with the possibility of exposure to hazardous chemicals. 



Duties and Responsibilities:




  1. Management

    a. Develops policies and procedures to help accomplish the objectives and goals of the Department while remaining sensitive to the missions of the District and its component college(s) and campus(es).

    b. Assures that the enforcement functions of police are performed in a reasonable manner that is in accord with current federal, state and local laws an in keeping with all relevant court decisions.

    c. Maintains familiarity and understanding of the District and Board Policies and Procedures and all relevant collective bargaining agreements.

    d. Conducts management level meetings and staff meetings.

    e. Overseas major investigations, providing direction as needed, ensures that appropriate reports are filed, and makes recommendations to mitigate criminal and District safety and security issues.

    f. Coordinates police activities with other agencies of the criminal justice system.

    g. Remains in an "on-call" status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and responds to District facilities to assume duties and responsibilities should exigent circumstances require presence.

    h. Responsible for maintaining and developing department policies and procedures.

    i. Prepares the budget.

    j. Selects, appoints, trains, disciplines, assigns and promotes employees in the department.

    k. Conducts routine audits and inspections of departmental activities and equipment, or causes such audits and inspections to occur.

    l. Given the breadth of department offices and facilities, the Chief must be willing and able to practice MBWA (Management By Wandering Around).

  2. Planning

    a. Responsible for long and short range planning while anticipating staffing, equipment and systems needs.

    b. Sees to the development, modification or elimination of department plans, programs or activities to address the needs of District safety.

    c. Coordinates with other District, college and campus units on major emergency preparedness.

    d. Plans, directs and assigns Safety and Police officers for the protection of students, staff, visitors, staff and District property on a 24 hour, seven day week basis.

  3. Budgeting

    a. Provides general direction for the business operations of the Department which includes General Fund and Parking budgets/accounts.

    b. Provides data and rationale to the Vice Chancellor of Student Services and Operations, as well as District, college and campus administrators to support budgetary changes based upon need.

    c. Prepares and monitors the departmental budget; prepares a variety of departmental reports as required. 

  4. Staffing and Organizing

    a. Gives general direction to staff in the recruiting and hiring process for all personnel, including sworn and civilian employees of the department, with emphasis on fair labor employment and hiring practices, and consideration of workforce diversity.

    b. Ensures compliance with the regulations of the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) for all applicable personnel, and all other legally mandated training requirements.

    c. Provides for the adequate training of all personnel to ensure efficient, effective and proper performance in all aspects of the department's responsibilities with particular emphasis on the importance of community relations as a primary component of the department's service delivery.

    d. Establishes the organizational structure of the Department to accommodate the public safety needs of the District community.

    e. Ensures that all Department personnel are evaluated promptly and properly as to their performance, so that timely feedback and training can be provided when necessary, and proper decisions can be made regarding training, retention and promotions.

    f. Ensures that appropriate corrective/disciplinary actions are taken when necessary, in accordance with policies and labor agreements, and in consultation with Diversity and Human Resources.

    g. Assists in the professional development of all personnel.

    h. Ensures that promotional processes are in conducted fairly and equitably for all candidates, and that promotions go to well qualified personnel.

  5. Liaison (internal and external)

    a. Maintains communication between the Department and District, and it component communities, through a variety of means to ensure constituency input, and to assess the perceptions of others regarding the Department's operations.

    b. Participates in, and provides input for, meetings involving the Vice Chancellor, District leadership, local officials and/or local/regional law enforcement agencies.

    c. Organizes meetings with various District groups or units, on an as needed basis, with regards to safety and crime prevention matters.

    d. Meets regularly with supervisors, staff, District managers, and District and local community members to discuss and implement safety and police measures for the District's communities.

    e. Establishes and maintains regular relationships within the regional law enforcement community, with allied agencies, and especially with agencies with shared jurisdictions (e.g., Riverside Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, and the Riverside County District Attorney's Office.

    f. Assists in representing the department and District to the general public through community contacts, participation in community activities, and by attending District conferences.

    g. Participates in local, regional and state activities to promote RCCD and the community college movement.

  6. Coordinates the installation and maintenance of the District alarms and security measures.

  7. Maintains an understanding of research and best practices pertaining to the areas of responsibility for this position through continued study and participation in professional organizations.

  8. Coordinates the District-wide disaster preparedness program.

  9. Performs other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.




This is a District classified management position with twelve-month contracts. Medical and dental benefits provided for employee and dependants. Paid vacation, 22 days annually; and paid accruable sick leave, 12 days annually.


The work location and assignment within a job classification is determined by the District and may be subject to change.


All final offers of employment will be contingent upon the availability of funds and approval of the Board of Trustees.


The successful candidate must pass a POST certified background investigation and a physical and psychological exam prior to employment.


The District will make reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities. Applicant should contact Diversity and Human Resources at (951) 222-8595 for assistance. 



Required Applicant Documents:

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • Cover Letter

  • Letter of Reference 1

  • Letter of Reference 2

  • Letter of Reference 3


Optional Applicant Documents:

  • Other Document

  • Masters Transcript

  • Doctorate Transcript

  • Other Transcript

  • Bachelors or Equivalent Transcript


Other Document:


POST Certification 


Effective Employment Date:


A mutually agreed upon date. 


Application Deadline:







Only electronic, on-line applications are accepted. All supporting materials, required or optional, must also be in electronic formats and attached to the electronic, on-line application when applying. Supporting materials are only accepted as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft Word files and must be less than 2 MB in size.


Interested candidates must apply by the deadline listed above by 8:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. 



Application Types Accepted:


Classified/Management/Confidential Application 



To view complete job description, or for

info on how to apply, please visit:




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