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Police Services Officer

Lihue, Hawaii




Kauai Police Department

3990 Kaana Street, Suite 200

Lihue, HI 96766

Phone: 808-241-1907








Starting Salary: $60,504 - $79,944

Population: 69,412

Sworn Officers: 162

Application Deadline: Continuous






Recruitment Video



The Kauai Police Department is seeking suitable and qualified applicants to hire for the position of Police Services Officer.







Police Services Officer Hiring Process:


The Kauai Police Departmentís hiring and selection process for Police Services Officer is comprised of three phases:


PHASE 1: Recruitment


Includes the notice of vacancy, acceptance of applications, review of minimum qualifications, a written examination and referral of candidates. (Coordinated by the County of Kauai Department of Human Resources)


PHASE 2: Pre-Offer Testing & Background Investigation


Includes a Physical Readiness Standards Test, Pre-offer Psychological Examination and Clarification Interview, completion of a Personal History Packet (PHP) and an in-depth Background Investigation.


PHASE 3: Conditional Offer/Post-Offer Testing


Includes a Post-offer Psychological Examination and Interview, Polygraph Testing, Drug Screening and a Pre-employment Physical Examination.



Preparing for the Physical Readiness Standards Test:


The Kauai Police Department (KPD) requires qualified Police Services Officer applicants to have a minimum level of physical readiness in order to perform the essential physical functions of the job. To ensure that its police officers can safely perform those physical tasks, all qualified applicants will be required to undergo a Physical Readiness Standards Test (PRST) which will involve the following 6 physical fitness tests:


Agility run:


This measures the ability to change direction while sprinting. The test consists of sprinting while dodging around obstacles (traffic cones) over a 180-foot course. 19.8 seconds


Bench press test:


This measures the absolute strength of the upper body. The test consists of lying on a bench and pushing free weight in a vertical manner parallel to the body. Push 75% of your body weight.


Sit up test:


The measure of trunk muscular endurance is very important to job function, overall physical performance, and the avoidance of injury. The test consists of the maximum number of sit ups performed in sixty seconds. 27 continuous reps in 60 seconds.


300 meter run:


This measures anaerobic power or the ability to make an intense burst of effort for a short time period or distance. The test consists of running 300 meters as fast as possible. 77 seconds.


Push up test:


This measures the muscular endurance of the upper body. The test consists of doing as many pushups continuously from the front leaning rest position with no time limit. 27 continuous reps no time limit.


1.5 mile run:


This measures aerobic power or cardiovascular endurance, the ability to sustain rhythmic movement of large muscle groups for a period of time. The test consists of running/walking 1.5 miles as fast as possible. 19 minutes 16 seconds.


These standards and readiness tips can be viewed in further detail by reviewing Physical Readiness Handbook for Applicants and Incumbents.



Minimum Qualification Requirements:




All candidates for employment as a Police Services Officer shall be at least (20) years of age at the time of filing application and 21 years old at the time of appointment.


Training and Experience:


Graduation from high school or successful completion of a GED examination.


Firearms Requirement:


Applicants must meet Federal and State eligibility requirements to possess firearms.  Some examples of persons who are disqualified to carry firearms are persons who have been convicted of any felony, crime of violence, illegal sale of any drug, domestic violence (felony or misdemeanor), etc.


License Requirement:


Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator's license, minimum class 3 or equivalent. A motorcycle license is not acceptable.


Knowledge of:


Grammar, spelling, and word usage.


Ability to:


Learn and explain laws of arrest and pertinent local and state laws and ordinances; learn and apply police principles, practices, methods and techniques; learn job related computer applications; observe accurately and remember names, faces, numbers, incidents and places; think and act quickly in emergencies and judge situations and people accurately; learn standard police radio broadcasting procedures; understand and carry out verbal and written directions; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of work; learn the geographical area and community composition.


Health and Physical Condition Requirement:


Persons seeking appointment to positions in this class must meet the health and physical condition standards deemed necessary and proper for performance of the duties.


Candidates shall have a correct ratio of weight to height; possess good eyesight, and good physical condition and agility according to the standards set by the County of Kauai.


Special Working Conditions:


Irregular hours, shift and weekend work and exposure to hazardous and obnoxious conditions as required.




For more information, please go to:


Click on the recruitment link








Lt. Rod Green




























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