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Executive Director

Crystal Lake, Illinois


Southeast Emergency Communications (SEECOM)

c/o Todd Walker, Human Resources Director

Village of Algonquin

2200 Harnish Drive

Algonquin, IL 60102

Phone: 847-658-5612


Starting Salary: $100,000 - $115,000

Population: 201,000+

Application Deadline: 9/26/14






Executive Director for the

Southeast Emergency Communication Center (SEECOM)



This Recruitment Profile provides background information for the Southeast Emergency Communications Center (SEECOM), located in southeast McHenry County, Illinois.  The Profile outlines the qualifications and experience identified as desirable traits and attributes for candidates for the Executive Director position. This Profile was prepared following interviews with the Executive Board of SEECOM, which includes the Village Manager of Algonquin, the Village Administrator of Cary, and the City Manager of Crystal Lake.  Information was also developed from a review of written materials relevant to the operations of SEECOM.


This profile will be used as a guide in the recruitment process. It provides specific criteria by which applications will be screened and individuals will be selected for final interview and appointment consideration.


The Executive Director recruitment is being conducted in an open and impartial manner.  The SEECOM Executive Board is encouraging applications from all persons qualified for the position.


All inquiries relating to the recruitment and selection process for the Executive Director position are to be directed to the attention of the Human Resources Director of the Village of Algonquin, Todd Walker, who is coordinating the Executive Director Recruitment process.



Please address your inquiries to:


Mr. Todd Walker

Human Resources Director

Village of Algonquin

2200 Harnish Drive

Algonquin, IL 60102






Southeast Emergency Communications (SEECOM) is an established association of government entities (Algonquin-LITH Fire Protection, Algonquin Police Department, Cary Fire Protection District, Cary Police Department, Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department, Crystal Lake Police Department, Crystal Lake Park District, Fox River Grove Fire Protection District, Huntley Fire Protection District, Lakewood Fire Department, Lakewood Police Department, McHenry County College Public Safety, Nunda Rural Fire Protection District, Oakwood Hills Police Department) who have come together to provide a high quality, state-of-the-art public safety communications system.  In 2001, the entities that comprise SEECOM commissioned a feasibility study of a regional, consolidated emergency communications center.  The entities involved in the study were interested in identifying issues and solutions related to the various advantages and disadvantages, as well as the financial and services implications, of consolidating emergency public safety dispatch communications.  As a result of this study, the Villages of Algonquin and Cary and the City of Crystal Lake, Illinois entered into an intergovernmental agreement for an initial term of 15 years, with automatic five-year renewal periods, to provide joint telecommunications services.  These communities are located in high growth McHenry County and include a portion of Kane County, ranging from 30 to 50 miles northwest of Chicago. 


Completed in 2004, the SEECOM facility is located in the lower level of the City of Crystal Lake Municipal Complex. The center is a self-contained operation that is staffed by the Executive Director, a Deputy Director, an Administrative Assistant, 20 FTE Telecommunicators, 4 FTE Supervisors, and 3 PTE Telecommunicators.  The facility has state-of-the-art equipment along with ergonomic advances and a high-level security system. The Metropolitan Alliance of Police (MAP) represents the full-time Telecommunicators and Supervisors.





The SEECOM Executive Board is seeking an innovative and experienced public safety communications professional who possesses a progressive management style and excellent communication skills.  The following factors of education, experience, management style, and personal traits have been identified as ideal attributes for the Executive Director to possess in order to function effectively in the position.


The starting salary range for the position is $100,000 to $115,000 annually and is negotiable, depending upon qualifications and experience. The successful candidate will be provided with a pension program through the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and a full benefits package.



Education and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in public administration, information technology, or a related field is desired.  Advanced professional development training is a plus.

  • Seven to ten years of progressively responsible experience in public safety communications, including at least three years in a supervisory or command capacity, ideally will have some experience working at an executive level of a multi-jurisdictional agency. 

  • Managerial maturity, experience, self-confidence, and strength of personal convictions to assertively provide administrative leadership, insight, counsel, and recommendations to the Executive Board, Advisory Boards, and staff, effectively guiding and growing the organization.  

  • Ability to analyze/present data, operational requirements, and financial information into an easy to understand format for evaluation of service consolidation opportunities. 

  • Significant experience in the development and effective administration of a comprehensive budget and payroll system with attention to detail and conscientious management of funds. 

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with elected and appointed officials, as well as community groups and the general public; set a positive example as an advocate for SEECOM with a focus on responsiveness to community and individual concerns. 

  • Experience in developing and maintaining positive and effective inter-jurisdictional working relationships with other municipal departments, neighboring and regional municipalities, and other state and local agencies/institutions that interact with SEECOM. 

  • Experience in evaluating organizational structure, staffing, labor relations, and operations.  Experience in maintaining a highly responsive, efficient, productive, effective, and high morale workforce. 

  • Possess strong and successful experience in executive management and supervisory direction, employee motivation, performance review, and development; have experience in the development of supervisory personnel as an effective and well-functioning team that supports one another and provides consistent information and direction to employees.


Management Style and Personal Traits:

  • Have a background of complete integrity and honesty, leading, and motivating personnel by example. 
  • Maintain an atmosphere of teamwork where work is productive and enjoyable and that provides employees with information, resources and incentives, as well as a safe and fair work environment. 

  • Be a participative, team-building manager who involves all employees in researching, developing, and implementing organizational changes and improvements to move the organization forward.

  • Be an effective communicator, verbally, in written reports, and in public speaking.  Be a good listener. 

  • Set high standards for performance, customer service, community relations, productivity and initiative for all personnel, while retaining accountability for the actions of all staff. 

  • Possess well-developed leadership skills that demonstrate the ability to make difficult, timely and sometimes unpopular decisions, as well as the ability to support and implement subordinate employees’ suggestions and ideas, when appropriate. 

  • Be a visionary, someone who can anticipate changes for the betterment of the organization addressing training, organizational development, and service delivery. 

  • Be able to delegate effectively, while remaining knowledgeable and accountable for all programs, projects, and services. 

  • Possess the ability to work harmoniously with the Executive Board and with public safety administrative personnel from the various member organizations. 

  • Have a commitment to regular training and career development for yourself and SEECOM staff, including ongoing coaching and development. 

  • Take a flexible approach to problem solving, searching out all alternatives, and be receptive to suggestions of others before making a decision or recommending a course of action. 

  • Possess a positive, enthusiastic, and respectful attitude in dealing with others. 

  • Have a steady temperament and disposition, with the ability and desire to relate well with others.




An Executive Board whose voting members include the Village Manager of Algonquin, the Village Administrator of Cary, and the City Manager of Crystal Lake governs SEECOM.  The Executive Director will report to the Executive Board of SEECOM.  Two advisory boards assist the Executive Board: the Fire Services Advisory Board and the Law Enforcement Advisory Board.  Each of these advisory boards has one non-voting representative on the Executive Board.  The Executive Director for SEECOM will also serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Board.  Adopted on October 6, 2003, the by-laws state the purpose of SEECOM as written below:                                   

  1. Providing the equipment, services and other items necessary and appropriate for the establishment, operation and maintenance of a joint public safety communications system for the mutual benefit of the members of SEECOM.

  2. Providing such contractual services to other units of local government.

  3. Providing a forum for discussion, study, development and implementation of recommendations of mutual interest to its members regarding public safety communications and criminal justice, fire safety, emergency medical and telephone emergency request systems, public safety data processing systems, and other topics and projects of mutual public safety concern to its members.

The total number of calls for emergency service in 2013 was 67,900. The calls for service are expected to continue to increase in 2015. SEECOM serves a total population of over 201,000 citizens and has an area of responsibility that covers 100 square miles.  The 2014-2015 fiscal year budget for SEECOM is $2,839,796.


McHenry County’s Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) administers the 911 system for all communities in the County’s jurisdiction.  ETSB oversees the provision of E-911 and E-911 services, computer-aided dispatch, and the wireless network.  The ETSB consists of representatives from six Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in McHenry County, in addition to representatives from the County Emergency Management Agency, McHenry Fire, Police Chief’s Association and a Citizen-At-Large Representative.  SEECOM answers approximately 34% of all 911 calls in the county.  The ETSB provides and maintains all of the 911 related equipment in SEECOM. The SEECOM Executive Director works very closely with the ETSB.





The Executive Director can expect to encounter the challenges and issues highlighted below:

  • Coordinate with the Executive Board, members of the Advisory Boards, and ETSB to ensure that all member agencies are satisfied with the structure of the communications center and the services provided.

  • The McHenry County area is an increasingly diverse region.  The Executive Director will work with the employees of SEECOM to assist them in providing high quality services in situations where language barriers or cultural differences may exist.

  • The Executive Director will work to ensure that SEECOM employees are utilizing state-of-the- art protocols and progressive technological systems, and have the ability to provide the highest quality service. 

  • SEECOM faces the same challenges as other public safety communications organizations, responding to an ever-increasing variety and urgency of requests for service.  This need requires continuous training of personnel through high quality programs.  The Executive Director will be expected to stay current on the issues in management and emergency communications, and provide advice and counsel to personnel.




The following (or similar) text has been released for insertion in appropriate professional publications.


Southeast Emergency Communication Center (SEECOM)

Executive Director


Outstanding opportunity to serve as the Executive Director for a joint telecommunications agency in McHenry County, Illinois.  Located in a high growth area northwest of Chicago, Illinois, SEECOM has a service population of approximately 201,000 residents.


The SEECOM Executive Board is seeking a progressive, innovative, and energetic Executive Director who will be responsible for the leadership, development, and daily operations of this agency.


Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in public administration, telecommunication, or a related field; advanced professional development training is a plus.  Candidates must have seven to ten years of increasingly responsible experience in public safety communications, including at least three years in a supervisory or command capacity.  Candidates must possess excellent interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills, including the ability to conduct effective public presentations, and interact positively with the general public, elected and appointed officials, state agencies/boards, professional organizations, media, co-workers, staff and personnel in Emergency Service Agencies.  Human Resource management skills, including recruitment and selection of personnel, training and evaluation of employees, and a proven ability to manage staff effectively in a high stress environment, is critical.  Strong written communication skills are required.  Candidates must also possess considerable knowledge of radio communications systems and related technology in the public safety arena.  Knowledge of the geographic area of McHenry County is a plus.


The starting salary range is from $100,000 to $115,000 annually subject to qualifications and experience with excellent benefits.



To download an application visit:


The deadline to submit an application is Friday, September 26, 2014.



Submit completed application to:


Todd Walker, Human Resources Director

Village of Algonquin

2200 Harnish Drive

Algonquin, IL 60102




SEECOM is an E.O.E.











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