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9-1-1 System Administrator

Berwyn, Illinois



City of Berwyn

6700 W. 26th Street

Berwyn, IL 60402

Phone: 708-795-5600 

Fax: 708-788-3813    

E-mail: TO'   


Salary: $60,000 - $65,000

Population: 55,000 

Application Deadline: 12/3/10




Reports To:


Berwyn Emergency Telephone System Board Chairperson, Berwyn Police Chief, Berwyn Fire Chief



Job Responsibilities

  • Attends monthly Emergency Telephone System Board meetings and other related meetings as necessary.  

  • Monitors, coordinates efforts, prepares documentation and maintains records of the Berwyn Emergency Telephone System Board including accounting, correspondence, equipment and software inventories, planning and public 9-1-1 education.

  • Oversees the procurement, installation, management, configuration, operation and maintenance of the Berwyn 9-1-1 telephone system, public safety communications systems, dispatch system computer technology and software.

  • Works closely with the Fire Chief, Police Chief, ESDA Director, members of the Berwyn Emergency Telephone System Board and Berwyn Police Department Communications Supervisor.

  • Serves as the primary Berwyn contact to the Illinois Commerce Commission for 9-1-1 matters and reports.

  • Serves as the primary ETSB liaison with state, local, federal and other officials relating to 9-1-1 issues.

  • Serves as the primary ETSB liaison to telephone and communication service providers.

  • Serves as Project Manager and vendor liaison for all Emergency Telephone System Board procurements.

  • Responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the 9-1-1 system database


Minimum Education and Experience


The candidate should possess educational certification of a bachelor’s degree in business criminal justice administration or equivalent job experience. Job experience must include a minimum 5 years in public safety technology and managerial responsibilities and participation in intergovernmental relationships.



Required Job Skills


The candidate must have and demonstrate competence in the following job skills:

  • Overall comprehensive understanding of public safety operations and a detailed understanding of communications and information systems.

  • Use of computer based systems and software for communication, document and statistical report generation

  • Understanding of accounting and budgeting

  • Understanding of policy development and long range planning

  • Management of office operations and scheduling

  • Management and documentation of equipment inventories

  • Project definition, documentation and management

  • Technical understanding of communications and information systems

  • Knowledge of Illinois Commerce Commission 9-1-1 statutes and regulations

  • Knowledge of Federal Communications System applicable statutes, regulations and licensing procedures.

  • Technical expertise in configuration and programming of 2-way radios

  • Creation and maintenance of working relationships with government officials, departmental chiefs, City staff, vendors and the public

  • Competence in the development and performance of public presentations


Work Schedule


This position involves regular and irregular hours necessary to support 9-1-1 services 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year (weekend and holidays included). Standard daily business hour work week; but may be extended in the event of emergency, disaster, equipment failure and/or work in progress. In addition, “on-call” during off hours in order to respond to emergency situations, equipment malfunction or failure, installation updates performed in low activity periods and early morning, evening or night meetings.



Salary Range


The salary range for this position is $60,000 to $65,000 per year with benefits commensurate with experience or education.





Applications may be picked at:


Berwyn City Hall

6700 W 26th Street

Berwyn, IL


Monday - Friday

9:00 AM until 5:00 PM




Downloaded from the City of Berwyn website:



Applications must be turned in by 5:00 PM Friday December 3, 2010 to the City of Berwyn, City Administrators Office Mr. Brian Pabst.











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