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Training & Office of Administration Manager

Evanston, Illinois



City of Evanston

2100 Ridge Avenue

Evanston, IL 60201





Salary: $65,373 - $92,175*

Population: 75,000

Application Deadline: 8/10/12




*Starting salary is dependent upon qualifications, but in most cases is no higher than the midpoint for range.





The Training and Office of Administration Manager is directly responsible for the overall supervision and administration of the Evanston Police Department training program.  This position plans, organizes and coordinates training schedules and certifications for the department.




(Specific assignment will include some or all of the following):

  • Receive training to increase knowledge and skills as a Training and Office of Administration Manager and career development coordinator.

  • Budget and schedule training programs and special schools necessary to ensure that department members have the most current information regarding new developments and technology in the law enforcement field.

  • Supervise, manage and evaluate the staff in the office of administration.

  • Disseminate information to all Divisions regarding available training schools and seminars that are designed to raise skill levels.

  • Assist department personnel implementing career development programs, including off duty college curricula.

  • Evaluate and coordinate in-service training and assist designated instructors.

  • Review and approve all instructional lesson plans to ensure consistency with department policy, procedures, and state requirements.

  • Ensure that required training programs are attended and all employee training is recorded and maintained.

  • Ensure Rapid Deployment Training of police personnel is completed and documented annually.

  • Ensure that personnel identified with specific deficiencies, or upon promotion, receive additional training.

  • Provide necessary facilities, equipment, forms and personnel to assist the Civil Service Commission and Human Resources with police recruit examinations.

  • Ensure enrollment of police recruits at state certified training academies.

  • Budget for and ensure distribution of training bulletins and other pertinent information, e.g., Supreme Court decisions, new legislation, search and seizure decisions, etc., for roll call presentation or general department circulation.

  • Assist the Patrol Deputy Chief with the general administration and evaluation of field training.

  • Chair the training committee and meet at least annually to review department training criteria for recommendations to modify or add training deemed necessary.

  • Evaluate each department memberís assignment, together with supervisory recommendations and evaluations, in order to schedule relevant training.

  • Serve as a member of the safety committee, review department safety procedures, review incidents as they occur and make recommendations to prevent repeat occurrences and improve safety measures.

  • Coordinate and manage the extra duty details.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Marginal Functions:

  • Oversee the revision and annual production of the Department Field Directory.

  • Perform related tasks as necessary.




A Bachelorís degree is preferred from an accredited college or university in Criminal Justice or related degree associated with this field. In addition to a minimum of five yearsí experience as a police supervisor or comparable law enforcement background, preferably with a training practitioner background. In addition to or any combination of training and experience that provides the following knowledge, abilities and high level skills:

  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs.

  • Possess a valid driverís license.

  • Effective supervisory ability.

  • Principles and practices of accurate technical report writing, English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Knowledge of department Rules and Regulations, Operating Procedure Manual, training manuals, state and federal laws, Evanston Code of Ordinances, and other related materials relevant to the training section.

  • Clear and concise communication skills; both oral and written.

  • Ability to foster cooperative working relationships among department members and maintain networking liaisons with outside agencies.

  • Process information and communicate effectively.

  • Prepare clear, accurate and complete reports and documents.

  • Understand, interpret and apply federal, state statutes, local ordinances, and department and city rules, regulations and policies.




The position is typical of an office setting.  The employee is subject to inside environmental conditions: protection from weather conditions, but not necessarily from indoor temperature changes.  There are no environmental hazards associated with this classification.





Work is performed under the general direction of the Chief of Police or Designee. The employee is responsible for completing work according to City work rules and safety regulations. Work is reviewed through on going observation, written and verbal communications, meetings and feedback. Guidance is provided through state statutes, city ordinances, standard operating procedures, rules and regulations, policies, procedures and personnel rules. Performance is evaluated annually for quality of tasks, adherence to work rules, and performance in accordance with classification standard.





The employee has regular and frequent contact with division and department employees and other City employees as well as regular contact with specific software vendors and supply representatives; and members of the public and representatives of other agencies, including elected officials.





Structured Oral Interview



To apply for this position, please apply online at:


on or before the closing date



Chosen candidates will be subject to a qualifying pre-employment medical examination and drug/alcohol screen.



The City of Evanston is committed to making all public meetings accessible to persons with disabilities.  Any citizen needing mobility or communications access assistance should contact the Facilities Management Office at 847-866-2916 (voice) or 847-448-8052 (TTY).











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