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Police Officer

Lincolnshire, Illinois



Lincolnshire Police Department

One Olde Half Day Road

Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Phone: 847-883-9900



Salary: $67,871 - $98,498

Population: 7,275

Sworn Officers: 24

Application Deadline: 3/30/18




Entry-Level Police Officer Hiring Process


Lincolnshire Police Department

Lincolnshire, Illinois



The Village of Lincolnshire is pleased to announce the recruitment and selection process for the position of Police Officer.


Interested candidates should submit their application packet, which includes a cover letter, resume, contact information for three work-related references, as well as additional paperwork listed in the application packet by March 30, 2018.  Application packets will be screened, and selected candidates will be invited to participate in the hiring process.


The application packet and additional information about the Village of Lincolnshire can be found on the Villageís website or picked up in person at the police department.



All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements established by the Village of Lincolnshire:

  • U.S. citizenship

  • Bachelorís degree from accredited college or university obtained by June 2018**

  • No misdemeanor or felony convictions, excluding any juvenile cases previously expunged

  • At the time of employment, applicant must be legally eligible to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Illinois

  • Minimum of 21 years of age at time of application; be UNDER 35 years of age at the time of application and at such time as the initial eligibility list is posted, unless otherwise exempt by Statute

  • Any drug use outside of the department's employment drug use policy will be a disqualifying factor for employment with the Village of Lincolnshire

  • Previous Lincolnshire Police Department applicants are eligible to re-apply unless applicant was disqualified for employment with the Lincolnshire Police Department during the background investigation

  • Must be able to successfully pass the P.O.W.E.R. test standards set forth by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (unless currently certified as a police officer as defined by the Illinois Police Training Act)

  • All employees are expected to present a professional appearance. Body piercing, other than ear piercing, must not be visible; Visible tattoos, intentional branding and/or scarring are prohibited and may not be covered with bandages, makeup, or additional clothing or compression sleeves, while wearing a short-sleeved uniform

  • Restrictions are also in place for hair styles, facial hair, and any facial modifications that deviate from conventional anatomical features such as earlobe gauges, subdermal implants, tongue piercing, etc.

  • No application processing fee

  • No residency requirement

  • Applications available from February 28, 2018 through March 30, 2018

  • Application Deadline: 3/30/2018 4:00 PM CST

To apply for this position or obtain additional information, please visit:


Important Dates:

  • Phase I Ė Return completed application packets by Friday, March 30, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

    • Completed application packets will be provided to the departmentís Recruitment Committee for review.  Each application will be reviewed individually and on its own merits.  Application packets must be completed in their entirety and only those packets containing all the required documents will be considered.  Applicants will also undergo a pre-screening of their background.

    • Applicants meeting the expectations for the position of police officer with the Lincolnshire Police Department will be individually invited to attend the departmentís orientation and written exam.

  • Phase II Ė Orientation, Written Examination, and Writing Proficiency

    • Immediately prior to the written examination, an orientation of the police department will be provided on Saturday, April 28, 2018 beginning at 12:30 p.m.  The orientation and written examination location will be held at Stevenson High School, located at 1 Stevenson Drive in Lincolnshire.

    • The written exam will begin immediately following the orientation.  The initial examination process will consist of a written examination that assesses cognitive ability and behavioral characteristics, including a scenario-based skills assessment that is designed to assess job-related skills.  You do not need to have any law enforcement experience, training or knowledge to successfully complete these examinations.  Written exams will be scored on-site.

    • Candidates who pass the written exam score will proceed to the writing proficiency exam.  The writing proficiency exam will be reviewed off-site and results will be provided to applicants once received by the department.

  • Phase III Ė Oral Interviews and Background Process

    • Date and time for oral interviews will be provided to those applicants successfully completing the written examination and writing proficiency exam.  The first round of oral interviews will be with members of the Recruitment Committee.

    • The second round of interviews will be with command staff personnel.

    • Before the second round of interviews, detectives will begin the extensive background process, which includes a polygraph exam and an integrity interview.

    • The final interview will be with the Chief of Police.


** Bachelorís degree must be obtained by June 15, 2018

  • Spring 2018 Grads:
    Applicants who attend a colleges/university that accepts completion of the police training academy or internship requirement for graduation will be considered. If an applicantís school certifies in writing that all other graduation requirements are met, the applicant may apply and be hired prior to their spring 2018 bachelorís degree completion.




The Village of Lincolnshire is an Equal Opportunity Employer











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