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Community Service Officer

Mundelein, Illinois


Village of Mundelein

221 N. Lake Street

Mundelein, IL 60060

Phone: 847-949-3228

Fax: 847-949-2154




Starting Salary: $23.90/hour

Population: 32,000

Sworn Officers: 54

Application Deadline: 7/10/17




The Village of Mundelein is recruiting for a Community Service Officer (CSO).


The CSO is an unarmed civilian employee under the direct supervision of the Staff Services Officer. The CSO is responsible for the performance of those departmental activities that do not require the service of sworn police officers.




  • Requires a high school degree or equivalent

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Requires skills in communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing

  • Must be able to remain calm and focused in emergency situations, work well under pressure and function at a high level under hectic conditions

  • A well-organized, self-motivated individual who is hard working, detail oriented

  • Professional in appearance and conduct


Applications are available at:


Village of Mundelein

300 Plaza Circle

Mundelein, IL 60060



Applications can also be found online at:



Application Deadline:


July 10, 2017



Applications may be mailed:


To the address above


Faxed to:



Attention: Lynne Maley




E-mailed to:



Starting Rate:


$23.90 per hour


Competitive fringe benefits



Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Direct traffic at traffic emergencies, special functions or on fixed post duty.

  • Perform jail duties at the direction of a supervisor

  • Perform court and messenger services

  • Assist in the impounding and storage of vehicles;

  • Report any unusual cases of litter and debris;

  • Report defective city equipment and dangerous conditions such as street lighting, traffic signals, streets and sidewalks;

  • Report situations involving illegal posting of signs;

  • Participate in and enforcing the Bike Safety Program;

  • Conduct safety checks for both cars and bikes.

  • Enforce ordinances pertaining to the improper storage or removal of garbage if an immediate danger to the public, caused by animals or some other factor.

  • Supply security checks of vacant homes.

  • Obey all lawful orders of superiors regardless of the division to which he is assigned to the best of your ability.

  • Possess a working knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, statutes and ordinances pertaining to C.S.O. responsibilities

  • Maintain a close working relationship with other divisions of the Mundelein Police Department and other area agencies.

  • Assist Rabies Control when called on, with the approval of a supervisor.

  • Attend training courses upon assignment of the Chief of Police to increase skills and knowledge.

  • Appear in court when required.

  • Respond to recall of duty at any time notified.

  • Handle school crossings when assigned by a supervisor.

  • Be second vehicle on funeral escorts.

  • Take station reports.

  • Issue parking tickets for observed violations.

  • Take private property accident reports that do not involve personal injury, alcohol or drugs.

  • Responsible for evidence and transportation to the Crime Lab.


Animal Control Responsibilities:

  • Enforce all Village ordinances pertaining to animals and animal control.

  • Respond, during tour of duty, to all service calls involving animals or animal related problems.

  • Conduct follows up investigations of situations involving animal bites, chronic stray animals, animal cruelty or neglect, rabid animals and neighbor disputes involving animals.

  • Maintain the C.S.O. vehicle and animal control equipment in order to ensure their working condition.

  • Provide routine patrol of areas designated as having animal control problems.

  • Maintain animal traps in order to snare wild animals and transport them to a more appropriate location.

  • Provide Animal Control Training to Police Officers as needed.

  • Make every attempt to capture stray or sick animals and to transport then to an appropriate kennel or holding facility for retrieval or elimination.

  • Develop citizen awareness of Village ordinances regarding animals through informal and formal contacts.

  • Periodically check animal licenses to ensure compliance with Village ordinances and maintain animal license file.



The Village of Mundelein is an Equal Opportunity Employer











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