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Assistant Director of Campus Safety

Naperville, Illinois



North Central College

30 N. Brainard Street

Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: 630-637-5757

Fax: 630-637-5755




Salary: DOQE


Application Deadline: NA




North Central College is currently seeking an Assistant Director of Campus Safety for Patrol to supervise the daily protective service operations of the Office of Campus Safety by providing direction and guidance to staff. Recommend and implement policies, procedures and training for professional and para-professional staff members. This position serves as second in command within the office. This position may be assigned to work on each of the three shifts (day shift, afternoon shift, or midnight shift) or overlap two shifts. Weekends and special details will be assigned and required. All scheduling will be at the discretion of, and subject to approval by, the Director of Campus Safety.




  1. Work with the Director of Campus Safety to develop a community policing model for the department. This model should focus on helping officers build appropriate relationships with students and other members of the community so as to strengthen the community’s respect and appreciation for the department and its officers.

  2. Coordinate the scheduling of officer shifts and confirm coverage for security requests from other departments.

  3. Provide overall supervision and/or coverage of the campus safety department during assigned shift, to include issuing and enforcing directives and work orders, communicating assignment requests from RT Tracker, authorizing changes to assignments and normal operating procedures and overtime.

  4. With the Director of Campus Safety, supervise professional and student staff members as assigned.

  5. Work with the Assistant Director of Campus Safety for Access and Transportation to update automated door lock and unlock schedules through the card access systems. Regularly check various event schedules for updates and respond to requests directed through email and other correspondence. Manually assign or remove card access permissions from user profiles.

  6. Become familiar with and utilize CS Gold (building access and monitoring program), Windy City Wire/Advanced Data (surveillance camera software) and the online property registry. Participate in, develop, and execute appropriate and on-going trainings for selected staff regarding such systems.

  7. Assess the need for staff development and training and conduct such training as appropriate or instructed by Director of Campus Safety. Attend trainings and professional development opportunities, specifically through NEMRT (Northeast Multi Regional Training), as assigned by the Dean of Students or Director of Campus Safety.

  8. Provide 24-hour administrative on-call coverage and respond to all serious incidents and activities that occur within the college.

  9. Conduct regular meetings with professional officers and student campus safety officers to address questions and concerns, review assignments, ensure compliance with all departmental policies and procedures and provide appearance inspections.

  10. Perform campus patrols when necessary and patrol at other times to determine the effectiveness of professional officers and student campus safety officers, to include assigning additional staff as necessary.

  11. Prepare and submit reports that reflect staff performance and summarize activities, to include recommending solutions to problems, and changes to departmental policies and procedures that will improve campus safety initiatives.

  12. Ensure that all incident reports and activities are properly documented by staff, to include reviewing written reports/forms, communicating with staff, and completing administrative follow-up.

  13. Serve as a lead investigator or co-investigator, as appointed by the Dean of Students or the Director of Campus Safety, on incidents requiring additional follow-up.

  14. Review and Process incident reports. Initiate reports and required crime statistics as required by Federal, State, and local government entities in compliance with the Clery Act and Student Right to Know Act and other laws. Write additional compliance reports necessary by law. Keep abreast of current legislation concerning campus safety, make recommended changes to operations, and present that information to staff and administration as appropriate.

  15. Develop and maintain a web and social media presence regarding the College’s safety operations. Develop other marketing materials as appropriate. Remain in regular communication with faculty, staff, students, and families about campus safety initiatives.

  16. Provide support as assigned by the Director of Campus Safety to the College’s sexual violence prevention initiatives, including the OVW grant and Green Dot initiatives.

  17. Represent the Department of Campus Safety on campus-wide committees or at community meetings/functions. For example sit on the Behavioral Intervention Team for the College and/or represent the department in crisis planning exercises.

  18. Maintain positive relations with external law enforcement agencies to obtain or exchange relevant protective service information.

  19. Act on the behalf of the director when he/she is absent.

  20. Perform other work-related duties as assigned by designated supervisor.






An associate's degree in a related field or an equivalent combination of training and experience is required. A bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred. A minimum of 40 hours of formal protective services training, to include certification in emergency first aid and CPR is preferred.




Five years campus safety experience with at least two years of supervisory experience, assessment of training needs and staffing, and analyzing the effectiveness of policies/procedures within a college environment is preferred. Law enforcement experience is also preferred.




A valid driver's license.



Please apply here:











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